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The CompanyWhy choose Seaway

  • SeaWay is being consisted of qualified personnel with experience and knowledge in all kinds of transportation and logistics technologies.
  • The company is assessed by SQAS for both Packaged Warehouse and Transport Services by CEFIC. In fact SeaWay is the ONLY Greek forwarder who is assessed by CEFIC for its services.
  • The company is certified by ISO 9001 (TUV).
  • There are in total 4 offices providing services ( Main Office , Port office , Logistics installations , Evzoni Border office ).
  • The Warehouse is located only 2. 5 km away from the Port of Thessaloniki  and disposes of   8 gates  for  rapid loading-discharging of the trucks.
  • Cargoes can be stored in the warehouse as "in-bonded status", including High-Duty classification commodities, such as alcohol products and cigarettes. This creates competitive advantage to your company in its importing activities, as:
    a. It is not necessary to use containers for storing cargo, paying high fees to the port and to the owner of the container
    b. It is feasible the partial receiving of cargo, avoiding tax payment in total
  • The logistics installations are being monitored continuously by CCTV system and security personnel. We are also providing to our clients "real time camera" connection of the facilities through secured internet page.
  • We are providing free exhibition rooms to our standard clients, who have no commercial branch in Thessaloniki.
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